Hundred years of experience, Up-to-date technology, Never-ending enthusiasm...
Since 1898, abiding to our values, we offer smart solution, high-quality and reliability.

With 45.000m2 closed production area, over 600 employees specialized in different areas and a customer-focused mentality, we produce “customer satisfaction”.

MAYTEKS production includes 900 tons of Knitting, 650 tons of Dyeing & Finishing and 250 tons of Printing per month. 60% of this is exported as fabric
and the rest is sold to garment exporters in Turkey.
Our main markets are some of the leading countries in textile:
Italy, France, England, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Israel and USA.

Our Story

1898... Remarks the foundation of the family business, “Antebi Tekstil”, which later became the roots of our current international exporting company. With the knitting and apparel facility founded that year, “Antebi Tekstil” became one of the first textile exporting companies in Turkey.

1925... The first hosiery facility was founded.
This was followed by the second and third facilities founded in 1935

and 1957 respectively.


1983... Third generation of Antebi family in business, decided to make a reorganization and institutionalize the company in order to build one of the major textile fabric exporters with international standards, under the name “MAYTEKS ÖRME.”
The same year knitting facility was totally renewed.
Since then MAYTEKS has kept the notion of being %100 Eco-friendly as a priority while building and expanding every inch of the production facilities.

2000... The dye-house and finishing facility was founded.
2005... R&D was founded, with the idea of developing new fashion fabrics

as well as creating more Eco-friendly fabrics such as the Organic line.

2006... As a major step of becoming an international company,
first participation in an international fair was made.
First collection entirely made by MAYTEKS designers was introduced.
At that point, every year one collection was introduced, later on this number became two. Since then MAYTEKS has participated in many fairs in all around the world including, Paris, Munich, Moscow, Istanbul, Tunisia, Israel and New York.

2008... Major changes in the production line were made in order to increase the capacity and to meet the changing needs of the market. The same year printing facility was founded.

2015... Fourth generation of family joined and a whole new adventure started with conscious garment production and our brand Antebies.

... Still and always growing to meet our customer demands.